Artists and Writers: Introduction

Narrative 4 was founded by writers and artists, including Irish novelist Colum McCann and Sierra Leonian writer Ishmael Beah, in response to the realisation that barriers are being created and stereotypes reinforced at an alarming rate around the world.

They, along with N4 co-founder Lisa Consiglio wanted to create a platform for young people to share stories – and share their experiences with each other. So that a whole generation of young people would develop empathy skills and understand different perspectives in a nuanced way.

Today the programme exists in schools all around the world due to the vision of writers and artists, as well as the extraordinary leadership from students and teachers.

Together, we are building a thriving network of artists, participants, practitioners and supporters. We are growing our evidence base on the transformative power of our model. This is only just the beginning of Narrative 4. Here’s to stories and to those that tell them.

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