Girls Stories

Girls Stories is an community integration project for young adolescent migrant females new to Limerick city, which was founded in 2017.

The girls come from diverse cultural backgrounds Such as Syria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Croatia and Latvia and are invited to attend the project weekly at Narrative 4, giving them the opportunity to form new and lasting relationships.

Weekly Creative Workshops

Zohra Koohestani, Nano Nagle, Presentation NS displays her dream art work to be an accountant and sailor

The weekly sessions, facilitated by Art Therapist Sheila Richardson, are a time for human encounter and social connection. The girls offer mutual support to each other in a safe space away from the lens of social media, home and living stresses and also school and exam pressures.

The girls get an opportunity to practice their spoken and written English while also getting an opportunity to explore a variety of different art materials for example, clay, paint, print-making and art installations. The project facilitates social and emotional integration and cohesion while contributing to their developmental identities and forging new and exciting narratives within a changing world. An Annual Exhibition takes place each year at N4’s Empathy Centre

The project reopens in October 2020 please get in contact if interested in attending. Funded by the Department of Justice Community Integration Fund in 2018 & 2019.