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The issue

The issues Narrative 4 Ireland address are bullying, isolation & poor mental health among Irish youth.

Antisocial behaviour, reported increases in racist attacks, the rise of online hate & bullying and other forms of discrimination and division are major threats to our society. We want to change this narrative and give young people tools to feel connected and heard.

This programme is designed to help young people become more competent at understanding the feelings of others – and thus their own – and it has been proven to reduce levels of aggression and bullying among youth.

Storytelling building resilience  

In their guidelines for schools reopening in September 2020, the National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) also highlighted the transformative power of stories in helping young people overcome major life challenges.

“Stories can shape our future with research showing that telling stories of struggles that turn out well can give people the hope they need to live productive lives in the aftermath of major life challenges”.

‘Supporting the Wellbeing of the School Community: Returning to School after Covid-19 School Closure’, Dublin: National Educational Psychological Services. Department of Education