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The issue

The issue Narrative 4 Ireland addresses is poor youth mental health.

Our plugged-in, high pressure culture is having an effect on young Irish people.  The My World Survey found that 1 in 3 young Irish people suffer from anxiety and depression and 1 in 4 suffer from stress.

The findings show positive relationships are inextricably linked to young people’s mental health.

Educators need more preventive tools to support our young people’s needs. Creating a space for young people to connect addresses isolation and allows them to talk to their peers in a kind resilient facilitated space. Our empathy education programmes are based on connecting young people through dialogue and storytelling.

In their guidelines for schools reopening in September 2020, the National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) also highlighted the transformative power of stories in helping young people acclimatise after Covid-19:

“Stories can shape our future with research showing that telling stories of struggles that turn out well can give people the hope they need to live productive lives in the aftermath of major life challenges”.

‘Supporting the Wellbeing of the School Community: Returning to School after Covid-19 School Closure’, Dublin: National Educational Psychological Services. Department of Education