Traveller and Roma Community: Youth Worker Training Programme.

Calling all community leaders and youth workers who work with Traveller and Roma communities. Narrative 4 is partnering with Creative Ireland to train 12 youth workers to become certified Story Exchange Facilitators. This training is valued at €500 but is offered to 12 selected applicants for free. 

The Story Exchange is an evidence-based methodology nurturing empathy, creating connections, and shattering stereotypes. The programme increases peer support and instills a sense of resilience and belonging by reducing feelings of isolation.

The Story Exchange encourages inclusion and ensures a collaborative and participative approach. As outlined in the National Traveller and Inclusion Strategy 2017-2021, “We need to work together in a true partnership where Travellers and Roma groups and individuals work with the Government to address the challenges that arise. Such a collaborative and participative approach is necessary so that Traveller and Roma will feel valued and empowered in our society and so that they will feel that they have ownership over, or input into, the decisions which affect their lives.” The inclusion strategy advises that positive mental health initiatives should be put in place.  The Story Exchange will aid in achieving these desired outcomes. 

The CPD (Certified Professional Development) training typically consists of a 10 hour training programme delivered over 3 online modules (self-directed learning modules, with some advance and follow-up live components, including workshops and webinars.) We also provide follow-up support, a mentorship programme and a toolkit.