Learning Resources for the Narrative 4 Facilitator Network

On completion of your Narrative 4 Facilitator Training, you gain access to learning resources and lesson plans. Our training and tools bring authentic social-emotional learning experiences to your classroom or community.

Creating connection in the classroom — Narrative 4’s learning resources show you how

Gain access to step-by-step lesson plans to help you facilitate Story Exchanges, Check-in Circles, the N4km Walk & Talk and more

Implement evidence-based, easy-to-teach activities that cultivate a sense of connection and wellbeing among young people

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Join a network of facilitators who share your passion for student’s social and emotional development

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    Complete Narrative 4’s 8 hour CPD and gain access to all learning resources:

  • Learning Resources Lesson Plans

    How to facilitate a Check-in Circle and Community Standards

    An introduction to the benefits of circle work and instruction on how to introduce two elements of the Story Exchange.

  • Learning Resources Lesson Plans

    The Story Exchange

    Students will experience the Story Exchange!

  • Learning Resources Lesson Plans

    Active Listening

    Students develop listening skills and practise active listening.

  • Learning Resources Lesson Plans

    Empathy and Perspective Taking

    This is the first lesson in the programme. Students have a discussion about empathy, capture a definition of empathy, and…

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