The Narrative 4km Walk & Talk Empathy Challenge

is an outdoor exercise challenge where students reconnect with each other through a facilitated empathy building activity.

Students will each receive…

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Narrative 4 pens and wristbands

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Certificate of Achievement

Digital Self-Empathy Handbook

We are asking for a suggested contribution of €2 per student towards the cost of these resources

Join the Empathy Revolution! In 2022, 6,000 students took part

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your interest
  2. Receive your school pack and lesson plan
  3. Distribute merchandise to students
  4. Run the event
  5. Tell us about it!

The Walk and Talk was a great success: the TYs gave advice and reassurance to our 1st years who are still settling into life in secondary school.

Rachel Real, Teacher, Laurel Hill Coláíste

Over 1,000 students braved the conditions and engaged in conversation, spending time with others outside their social circle. The weather was terrible, but the students were brilliant. They forgot about the weather and made connections with their classmates. So many smiling faces! We will do it again in the Spring.

Orlagh Duke, Teacher, Hartstown Community School