Transformative Narratives Conference

Narrative 4 is featuring at an education conference on June 7th!

The ‘Transformative Narratives’ conference is to feature three Narrative 4 staff: Lee Keylock, Senior Director of Programmes, Special Initiatives & Innovation at Narrative 4 Inc., as well as Dr. James Lawlor and Rachel Gleeson from the Narrative 4 Ireland team.

This groundbreaking event will delve into the profound impact of story exchangerestorative practice, and empathy building pedagogies in educational settings. The conference aims to bring together educators, researchers, and practitioners to explore how these innovative approaches can foster a more inclusive, empathetic, and supportive learning environment.

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Lee Keylock will be sharing the knowledge and experience he has gathered as a central figure at Narrative 4 over the last decade. He has spearheaded many amazing initiatives; from developing the first facilitator training at Narrative 4, to orchestrating field exchanges between US schools, to delivering groundbreaking story exchange projects across the US and around the globe.  

The conference will also feature:

  • Key figures working in youth justice and the prison service on the impact of the Narrative 4 Story Exchange in prison education
  • Leaders in the field of restorative practice
  • Discussions with Narrative 4 Ireland staff on the power of stories as a tool to drive change in our communities