Buchi Onyegbule is a broadcast journalist, editor, and sometime writer. Most recently, he was the host of The Morning Mojo, Abuja’s premier radio talk show focusing on governance, politics and other national issues in Nigeria.

This month Buchi joined the Narrative 4 team as Manager of African Operations and his goal is to ensure N4 is operational in every African country in a few years’ time.  Buchi lives in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, and loves his coffee almost as much as he loves his beer. Get to know Buchi!

What’s the most important thing we should know about you?   
I love to break concepts and issues apart and find causative factors, because then we can design solutions. I love solving problems.

What excites you about Narrative 4? 
Narrative 4 excites me in its entirety. But perhaps the most exciting part of Narrative 4 for me is the simplicity in the method—empathy. It’s all so simple, yet brilliantly profound and the potential, endless. I often joke and say the folks at Narrative 4 will faff about and change the world, I think there’s truth to that.

What does the world need now? 
Hope. For without it, we are irrevocably lost. Hope that however bad it looks or is, it does get better.

What brings you inspiration in these times?
For over two years, I have been inspired by Bob Perks’ “I Wish You Enough.” It’s a poem that teaches a lesson about embracing life’s most valuable moments, one wish at a time.